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ARENA Examples Index

An alphabetical glossary of every example of the ARENA’s features. These examples are all configurable by sending or storing the wire-format messages for the ARENA protocol.


Which Web/Python/Unity platform supports each of these features? Take a look at our version support for each type:


Thumbnail images can be clicked for a larger view. Multiple links are provided to examples of each feature.

Example Thumbnail Description Type: Links
Action (Message)   The scene graph action: create, update (merge), delete. Graph: Tutorial
Animation Animate and tween values. Attribute: Schema Message Python Tutorial
Animation Mixer Control playing animations stored in a GLTF model. Attribute: Schema Message Python Tutorial
AR Hide/Show Hide/Show object (hide-on-enter-ar) when entering AR. Attribute: Schema
AR Marker A location marker used to anchor scenes/objects, in the real world Attribute: Schema Python Tutorial
ARTS ARTS, a runtime supervisor for programs Application
ATLAS ATLAS, a geolocation index of AR scenes. Application Tutorial forthcoming
Attribution Attribution Component. Saves attribution data in any entity Attribute: Schema Python Tutorial
Audio User’s Microphone On/Off state (requires microphone permission) User: Tutorial
Blip When the object is created or deleted, it will animate in/out Attribute: Schema Python
Box Box Geometry (Unity Cube) Object: Schema Message Python Tutorial
Box Collision Listen for bounding-box collisions with user camera and hands (box-collision-listener) Attribute: Schema Python
Buffer Geometry Reduce geometry memory usage while being harder to manipulate (buffer) Attribute: Schema
Build Build is a JSON editor for the persisted scene graph. Application Tutorial
Build 3D Build3D is a visual 3D editor for the persisted scene graph (based on Inspector) Application Tutorial
Callbacks   A handler in a program to receive an ARENA Event. Concept Tutorial
Camera Camera is the pose and component data representing a user avatar Object: Schema Message Python
Capsule Capsule Geometry Object: Schema Python
Chat A messaging tool for other users in the ARENA User: Tutorial
Child   See Parent. Concept
Circle Circle Geometry Object: Schema Python
Click Object will listen for clicks (click-listener) Attribute: Schema Message Python
Collision Collisions trigger click events (collision-listener) Attribute: Schema
Color Color of the material (as hex code), supported in the material.color attribute. Attribute: Schema Message Python
Cone Cone Geometry Object: Schema Python
Conference   Using the ARENA scene as a 3D zoom room, video conference, meeting. Concept Tutorial
Cube Cube Geometry (deprecated, see Box) Object:
Cylinder Cylinder Geometry Object: Schema Python
Data Block   The scene graph data Attributes, storing component details. Graph:
Display Name The user-editable display name, derived from the Google account byu default User: Tutorial
Dodecahedron Dodecahedron Geometry Object: Schema Python
Entity Entities are containers into which components can be attached Object: Schema Python
Event Events are ephemeral messages used for events like controller actions Object: Schema Message Python
Facial Recognition Avatar Recognizes your facial feature points from your camera and animates a 3d head User: Tutorial
File Store The filestore interface for user file editing and uploading. Application Tutorial
Flight/Fly The user state to navigate on a 2D ground plane or 3D flight. User: Tutorial
Gaussian Splat Load 3D Gaussian Splat Object: Schema Python
Geometry   Geometry (Mesh) is the ordered collection of vertices to make a 3D primitive. Concept
GLTF LOD Switch between default and detailed GLTF models Attribute: Schema Tutorial
GLTF Model GLTF Models afford consistent cross-platform rendering of 3D assets Object: Schema Message Python Tutorial
GLTF Model Update Allows translation of named GLTF model sub-components. Attribute: Schema Message Python
GLTF Morph Target and control a GLTF model morphTargets created in Blender Attribute: Schema Python
Go to Landmark Teleports user to the landmark with the given name Attribute: Schema Python
Go to URL Goto given URL Attribute: Schema Message Python
Hand Left Hand Left is the metadata pose and controller type of the user avatar Object: Schema Python
Hand Right Hand Right is the metadata pose and controller type of the user avatar Object: Schema Python
Health Check A clickable warning/error icon when critical errors happen in a scene User: Tutorial
Icosahedron Icosahedron Geometry Object: Schema Python
Image Display an image on a plane Object: Schema Message Python
Impulse The force applied using physics. Attribute: Schema Message Python
Inspector The A-Frame Inspector, a visual 3D scene graph debugger Application Tutorial
Jitsi Video Apply Jitsi video source to the geometry Attribute: Schema Python
Landmark Landmarks allow you to jump to certain places of interest in a scene Attribute: Schema Message Python Tutorial
Light A light Object: Schema Message Python
Line Draw a line Object: Schema Message Python
Look At Dynamically rotate or face towards another entity or position (look-at) Attribute: Schema Message Python
Material The material properties of the object’s surface. Attribute: Schema Message Python
Material Extras Define extra material properties: texture encoding, render order Attribute: Schema Python
Multi-Src Define multiple visual sources applied to an object. Attribute: Schema Message Python
Namespace   Your ARENA account namespace (same as User Name) Concept Tutorial
Nav Mesh Invisible 3D model surface for users to move upon. Scene: Tutorial
Navigation Controller Using the VR Helmet Controller to hop around a scene. User: Tutorial
Navigation Keys Using the VR Desktop keyboard keys to move around a scene. User: Tutorial
Network Graph A web interface of MQTT message traffic Application Tutorial
Null   Any JSON attribute may be removed by setting it equal to null Graph: Python Tutorial
Object ID   The scene graph name ID for the entity, must be unique in the scene. Graph:
Ocean Ocean Object: Schema Python
Octahedron Octahedron Geometry Object: Schema Python
Origin Marker   Origin Tag Concept Tutorial
Overwrite   The scene graph directive to erase and overwrite this entity’s data, not merge Graph:
Parent Parent’s object_id. Child objects inherit scale and translation (parent) Attribute: Schema Message Python
Particles (SPE) GPU based particle systems in A-Frame. Attribute: Schema Message Python Tutorial
PCD Model Load a Point-Cloud data (PCD) model Object: Schema Python
Persist   The scene graph directive to store the entity in the persistence database. Graph: Tutorial
Physics (Dynamic) Physics type attached to the object (dynamic-body). Attribute: Schema Message Python
Physics (Static) Physics type attached to the object (static-body). Attribute: Schema Message Python
Plane Plane Geometry (Unity Quad/Plane) Object: Schema Python
Position 3D object position Attribute: Schema Message Python
Program ARENA program data Program: Message Tutorial
Remote Render Whether or not an object should be remote rendered [Experimental] Attribute: Schema Tutorial
Ring Ring Geometry Object: Schema Python
Rotation 3D object rotation in quaternions; Right-handed coordinates Attribute: Schema Message Python
Rounded Box Rounded Box Geometry Object: Schema Python
Scale 3D object scale Attribute: Schema Message Python
Scene The main 3D rendered scene web interface Application Tutorial
Scenes List A list of scenes to browse and scene entry URL options. Application Tutorial
Screenshareable Whether or not a user can screen share on an object (screenshareable) Attribute: Schema Tutorial
Segment   Segments are the rows of triangles used to render a Mesh Geometry Primitive Concept
Shadow Defines how objects cast and receive shadow Attribute: Schema Python
Sign In   Signin, login User: Tutorial
Sign Out   Signout, logout User: Tutorial
Skip Cache Disable retrieving the shared geometry object from the cache (skipCache) Attribute: Schema
Sound Positional sound is thus affected by the component’s position Attribute: Schema Message Python
Speed The user setting defining how fast to move when using Navigation Keys User: Tutorial
Sphere Sphere Geometry Object: Schema Python
Spot AR SpotAR is a mode for viewing AR-tagged content in restricted browsers (Safari) Application Tutorial
Start/Spawn Position   The scene options to control the variance of position to enter the scene Scene: Tutorial
Tetrahedron Tetrahedron Geometry Object: Schema Python
Text Display text Object: Schema Message Python
Text Input Opens an HTML prompt when clicked. Sends text xas an event on MQTT Attribute: Schema Python
Thickline Draw a thick line that can have a custom width Object: Schema Message Python
Three.js Scene Load a Three.js Scene Object: Schema Python
Torus Torus Geometry Object: Schema Python
Torus Knot Torus Knot Geometry Object: Schema Message Python
Triangle Triangle Geometry Object: Schema Python
TTL   The scene graph directive Time-To-Live specifying auto-delete time Graph: Message
UI Button Panel ARENAUI Button Panel Object: Schema Python Tutorial
UI Card ARENAUI Card Object: Schema Python Tutorial
UI Prompt ARENAUI Prompt Object: Schema Python Tutorial
URDF Model URDF Models are used to express robotic shapes and joint parameters Object: Schema Python
User Account The User’s account profile and scene permissions. Application Tutorial
User List A scene tool to list connect users and their Jitsi (video conference) state User: Tutorial
User Name   Your ARENA account username (same as Namespace) Concept Tutorial
Video User’s Camera On/Off state (requires camera permission) User: Tutorial
Video Control Video Control Attribute: Schema Python
Video Quality An indicator above a user when Jitsi video quality is poor User: Tutorial
Videosphere Video sphere 360 video bubble Object: Schema Message Python Tutorial
VR Hide/Show Hide/Show object (hide-on-enter-vr) when entering VR. Attribute: Schema
WebXR WebXR is an API for building web-accessible XR scenes. Application Tutorial

Wire Format Types

User Option

User preferences to alter default behavior. For reference, a list of some user settings.

Graph Property

A property of the entity as it relates to the scene graph.

Object (3D)

Base 3D entity to which multiple components can be attached. For reference, a list of all 3D Objects.

Attribute (3D Object)

A component or effect which can be optionally added to an entity.


ARENA remote runtime, Python or WebAssembly (WASM). For reference, a list of all program attributes

Scene Option

ARENA Scene Options. For reference, a list of all scene options

Environment Setting

A-Frame Environment presets. More properties at repo supermedium/aframe-environment-component.

Renderer Setting

These settings are fed into three.js WebGLRenderer properties. For reference, a list of all renderer settings

Post-Processing Effect

These effects are enabled in desktop and XR views. For reference, a list of all post-processing effects