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Blip Effect

When the object is created or deleted, it will animate in/out of the scene instead of appearing/disappearing instantly. Must have a geometric mesh.

Blip Effect Attributes

Attribute Type Default Description Required
blipin boolean True Animate in on create, set false to disable. Yes
blipout boolean True Animate out on delete, set false to disable. Yes
geometry string; One of: ['rect', 'disk', 'ring'] 'rect' Geometry of the blipout plane. Yes
planes string; One of: ['both', 'top', 'bottom'] 'both' Which which clipping planes to use for effect. A top plane clips above it, bottom clips below it. Yes
duration number 750 Animation duration in milliseconds. Yes
applyDescendants boolean False Apply blipout effect to include all descendents. Does not work for blipin. No