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ARENA Screenshare

You can share your screen in the ARENA following the tips below.

Screenshare on Primitive Objects

There are a few hints to help you establish objects to screenshare on.

  • If you choose the name/ID of an already existing object in a scene, it will set the texture of that existing object to be your screen.
  • If you choose an object that does not exist in a scene, it will spawn a new screen sharing plane with your chosen object_id. This object is not sent through the MQTT bus but is still created for all clients.
  • Once you have selected your object name, it will open a new tab that allows you to choose which screen you want to share, and ARENA will automatically place that screen onto the object with an object_id you specified.
  • You can do whatever you want the object you’re screen sharing on as if it were a normal arena object (change size, shape, attach children, etc). This also applies to the object screenshare; it’s just a standard ARENA object with object_id: screenshare!
  • When an object is dynamically created with the screen share button, it won’t go away after you stop screen sharing. It will only go away if you refresh the page.

Screenshare Walkthrough

  • Click the More Options icon:
  • Click the Screenshare icon:

  • You will be asked to confirm if you intend to share your screen to the scene.

  • You can enter multiple screen object_id comma-delimited to share to multiple screens.
  • For a single screen share, the default screenshare id is typically a good option.

  • Select screens or application sharing.

  • ARENA will open a new tab showing which view is being shared.
  • Click Exit to end screen sharing.

  • The ARENA scene view will now show your screen mapped across each object_id chosen.

  • Closeup view.

Using PowerPoint

  • Slide Show -> Setup Slide Show Options -> Browsed by an individual
  • Right-click during presentation brings up cursor options
  • Select Browsed by an individual
  • Select Slide Show
  • Select Setup Slide Show

Single Window Present

  • Select Slide Show tab
  • Select Setup Slide Show
  • Select Browsed by an individual (window)

  • Right-click for Pointers.