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The material properties of the object’s surface.

More properties at A-Frame Material.

Material Attributes

Attribute Type Default Description Required
alphaTest number 0 Alpha test threshold for transparency. No
blending string; One of: ['none', 'normal', 'additive', 'subtractive', 'multiply'] 'normal' The blending mode for the material’s RGB and Alpha sent to the WebGLRenderer. No
color string '#7f7f7f' Base diffuse color. No
depthTest boolean True Whether depth testing is enabled when rendering the material. No
dithering boolean True Whether material is dithered with noise. Removes banding from gradients like ones produced by lighting. No
flatShading boolean False Use THREE.FlatShading rather than THREE.StandardShading. No
npot boolean False Use settings for non-power-of-two (NPOT) texture. No
offset object {'x': 1, 'y': 1} Texture offset to be used. No
opacity number 1 Extent of transparency. If the transparent property is not true, then the material will remain opaque and opacity will only affect color. No
repeat object {'x': 1, 'y': 1} Texture repeat to be used. No
shader string 'standard' Which material to use. Defaults to the standard material. Can be set to the flat material or to a registered custom shader material. No
side string; One of: ['front', 'back', 'double'] 'front' Which sides of the mesh to render. No
src string   URI, relative or full path of an image/video file. e.g. ‘store/users/wiselab/images/360falls.mp4’. No
transparent boolean False Whether material is transparent. Transparent entities are rendered after non-transparent entities. No
vertexColors string; One of: ['none', 'vertex', 'face'] 'none' Whether to use vertex or face colors to shade the material. No
visible boolean True Whether material is visible. Raycasters will ignore invisible materials. No