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Animation Mixer

A list of available animations can usually be found by inspecting the model file or its documentation. All animations will play by default. To play only a specific set of animations, use wildcards: animation-mixer=’clip: run_*’.

More properties at A-Frame Extras Animation.

Animation Mixer Attributes

Attribute Type Default Description Required
clampWhenFinished boolean False If true, halts the animation at the last frame. No
clip string '*' Name of the animation clip(s) to play. Accepts wildcards. Yes
crossFadeDuration number 0 Duration of cross-fades between clips, in seconds. No
duration number 0 Duration of the animation, in seconds (0 = auto). No
loop string; One of: ['once', 'repeat', 'pingpong'] 'repeat' In repeat and pingpong modes, the clip plays once plus the specified number of repetitions. For pingpong, every second clip plays in reverse. No
repetitions string '' Number of times to play the clip, in addition to the first play (empty string = Infinity). Repetitions are ignored for loop: once. No
startAt number 0 Sets the start of an animation to a specific time (in milliseconds). This is useful when you need to jump to an exact time in an animation. The input parameter will be scaled by the mixer’s timeScale. No
timeScale number 1 Scaling factor for playback speed. A value of 0 causes the animation to pause. Negative values cause the animation to play backwards. No