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Scene Options

ARENA Scene Options.

Scene Options Attributes

Attribute Type Default Description Required
clickableOnlyEvents boolean True True = publish only mouse events for objects with click-listeners; False = all objects publish mouse events. Yes
distanceModel string; One of: ['exponential', 'inverse', 'linear'] 'inverse' Algorithm to use to reduce the volume of the audio source as it moves away from the listener. No
sceneHeadModels array [] Define the default head model(s) for the scene in a list. Users may still choose from the ARENA default list of head models as well. No
jitsiHost string '' Jitsi host used for this scene. No
maxAVDist number 20 Maximum distance between cameras/users until audio and video are cut off. For saving bandwidth on scenes with large amounts of user activity at once. Yes
navMesh string '' Navigation Mesh URL. No
networkedLocationSolver boolean False ARMarker location solver parameter. By default (networkedLocationSolver=false) clients solve camera location locally when a static marker is detected. When true, publishes marker detections (to realm/g/a/camera-name) and defers all tag solving of client camera to a solver sitting on pubsub. No
privateScene boolean False False = scene will be visible; True = scene will not show in listings. Yes
refDistance number 1 Distance at which the volume reduction starts taking effect. No
rolloffFactor number 1 How quickly the volume is reduced as the source moves away from the listener. No
screenshare string 'screenshare' Name of the 3D object used when sharing desktop. No
videoFrustumCulling boolean True If false, will disable video frustum culling (video frustum culling stops video from users outside of view). Yes
videoDistanceConstraints boolean True If false, will disable video distance constraints (video resolution decreases with distance from users in view). Yes
videoDefaultResolutionConstraint number 180 Sets the default max resolution for all users. Ignored when videoDistanceConstraints = true. Yes
volume number 1 Volume for users in a scene. No
physics boolean False If true, will load the aframe-physics-system. Required for the following: dynamic-body, impulse, collision-listener. Yes
ar-hit-test object   A-Frame AR Hit Test Settings.  
More properties at AR Hit Test component. No