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ARENA has seamless support for a spectrum of experiences, from completely immersing the user in a digital world (Virtual Reality; VR) to enhancing the real world with interactive digital content (Augmented Reality; AR). A spectrum often identified as miXed Reality (XR). To support diverse platforms and rendering capabilities, ARENA leverages modern WebXR-capable browsers. Content can be viewed on a number of platforms ranging from standard web browsers on desktop computers and VR headsets, on phones / tablets with passthrough AR (FireFox WebXR Viewer, Chrome) and wearable AR headsets (Hololens Edge Browser, Magic Leap Lumin Browser).

As an illustrative example, the following video demonstrates ARENA being used in an hybrid conference conference use case. It uses a 3D scan of the conference venue as the backdrop environment for remote users and a model to stage various AR interactions for in-person users. Remote participants can use VR in a browser or a VR headset to navigate the scene. In-person participants can use AR headsets or mobile AR through WebXR browsers to see and hear remote users.

See the following sections for details on requirements, setting up scenes for mixed reality experiences and anchoring them.

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