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Unity C# library for editing scenes and creating applications for the ARENA.

Library Usage:

  1. Open a new or existing Unity project. Unity 2030.3+ supported.
  2. Edit > Project Settings > Player > PC, Mac & Linux Standalone > Other Settings > Script Compilation:
    • Scripted Define Symbols to include:
      • SSL
  3. Edit > Project Settings > Player > PC, Mac & Linux Standalone > Resolution and Presentation > Resolution:
    • Run In Background set to true.
  4. You may need to install git if it doesn’t come preinstalled on your OS (Windows 10).
  5. Open Window > Package Manager and + > Add package from git URL..., use this link for the latest:

    or this for a specific version:
  6. Create an empty GameObject to use as ARENA client root, rename it to something meaningful, like: ARENA.
  7. Select the ARENA GameObject and press Add Component to add the ArenaClientScene script.
  8. Modify the the inspector variables for the ArenaClientScene script to change host, scene, namespace as you wish.
  9. Press Play.
  10. The auth flow will open a web browser page for you to login, if you haven’t yet.

Runtime (Play)

See operational documentation.

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