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Cross Platform Support

A core component of the ARENA is an environment to view and interact in virtual and augmented reality. ARENA leverages modern WebXR-capable browsers to support diverse platforms and rendering capabilities, and several existing frameworks were used to create the ARENA browser client: A-Frame, three.js and WebGL. This allows ARENA content to be viewed on a number of platforms ranging from standard web browsers on desktop computers and VR headsets (desktop browsers, FireFox Reality for VR headsets, Oculus Browser for VR headsets), on phones / tablets with passthrough AR (FireFox WebXR Viewer, Chrome) and wearable AR headsets (Hololens Edge Browser, Magic Leap Lumin Browser). All of these devices can interact in a multi-user manner with a consistent scene. In order to prototype the needs for future browser platforms, we are maintaining a custom Browser version of Firefox for iOS (based of WebXR Viewer) that is able to perform local image processing as well as 3D click I/O events.


Figure 1. ARENA Browser Stack.