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Animate and tween values.

More properties at A-Frame Animation component. Easing properties are detailed at

Animation Attributes

Attribute Type Default Description Required
autoplay boolean True Whether or not the animation should autoplay. Should be specified if the animation is defined for the animation-timeline component (currently not supported). No
delay number 0 How long (milliseconds) to wait before starting. No
dir string; One of: ['normal', 'alternate', 'reverse'] 'normal' Which dir to go from from to to. No
dur number 1000 How long (milliseconds) each cycle of the animation is. No
easing string; One of: ['easeInQuad', 'easeInCubic', 'easeInQuart', 'easeInQuint', 'easeInSine', 'easeInExpo', 'easeInCirc', 'easeInBack', 'easeInElastic', 'easeOutQuad', 'easeOutCubic', 'easeOutQuart', 'easeOutQuint', 'easeOutSine', 'easeOutExpo', 'easeOutCirc', 'easeOutBack', 'easeOutElastic', 'easeInOutQuad', 'easeInOutCubic', 'easeInOutQuart', 'easeInOutQuint', 'easeInOutSine', 'easeInOutExpo', 'easeInOutCirc', 'easeInOutBack', 'easeInOutElastic', 'linear'] 'easeInQuad' Easing function of animation. To ease in, ease out, ease in and out. See for more. No
elasticity number 400 How much to bounce (higher is stronger). No
enabled boolean True If disabled, animation will stop and startEvents will not trigger animation start. No
from string '' Initial value at start of animation. If not specified, the current property value of the entity will be used (will be sampled on each animation start). It is best to specify a from value when possible for stability. No
isRawProperty boolean False Flag to animate an arbitrary object property outside of A-Frame components for better performance. If set to true, for example, we can set property to like components.material.material.opacity. If property starts with components or object3D, this will be inferred to true. No
loop string '0' How many times the animation should repeat. If the value is true, the animation will repeat infinitely. No
pauseEvents array [] Comma-separated list of events to listen to trigger pause. Can be resumed with resumeEvents. No
property string   Property to animate. Can be a component name, a dot-delimited property of a component (e.g., material.color), or a plain attribute. No
resumeEvents array [] Comma-separated list of events to listen to trigger resume after pausing. No
round boolean False Whether to round values. No
startEvents array [] Comma-separated list of events to listen to trigger a restart and play. Animation will not autoplay if specified. startEvents will restart the animation, use pauseEvents to resume it. If there are other animation components on the entity animating the same property, those animations will be automatically paused to not conflict. No
to string '' Target value at end of animation. No
type string '' Right now only supports color for tweening isRawProperty color XYZ/RGB vector values. No