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List of 3D Scanner Tools

There are a number of tools and technologies to choose from to capture 3D scans of reality. We’ve tried to share our experiences here when scanning Objects and Rooms.


LiDAR or “light/laser detection and ranging” is a method for determining ranges to an object or a surface with a laser and measuring the time for the reflected light to return to the receiver. This can be powerful when combined with visual light from a camera to capture RGB-D images.

App Name Quality / 10 Time to Use Difficulty / 10 Other notes
Polycam 3/10, gives good idea of room but very choppy 5 min 0/10 Can only do 360 picture, can’t do room scan without lidar sensor (needs iphone 12 pro/promax)
Scaniverse 4/10 not great, depends on room but gives good idea of size 8 min 0/10 Can do room scan & objects. Scaniverse room scan write up.
3D Scanner App Obj:7/10, Room: 4/10 Obj: 15 min, Room: 5 min 0/10 Works best with small/medium sized objects, not rooms. There is a home scan mode that only works indoors, should be better with lidar sensor. The small object is difficult to export out of app
KIRI Engine     0/10 Has free & paid version, requires phone with lidar sensor
Matterport       Matterport room scan write up.


NeRF or “neural radiance field” is an AI-based method of building a 3D model from 2D images.

App Name Quality / 10 Time to Use Difficulty / 10 Other notes
3Dpresso     0/10 Film video and it turns it into 3d model, doesn’t do rooms
Luma AI 2/10 40 min 0/10  
Nerfstudio 8/10, can capture 360 of outdoors pretty well but not super clear   8/10, based on description  
Volinga       Have to create account, has licenses


Photogrammetry is the process of recording models through photography and other electromagnetic radiant data.

App Name Quality / 10 Time to Use Difficulty / 10 Other notes
AliceVision (Meshroom) 7/10, depends on object, and equipment to take pictures Depends how many images & what the object is 4/10 Better for models, not room scan. Can be difficult for certain objects. Our Meshroom Tutorial.
Agisoft Metashape 10/10, looks good     Have to pay, Works for room scan (also does satellite image processing & satellite image processing)
RealityCapture (Unreal Engine) 10/10, looks good     Have to pay
RealityScan (Unreal Engine) Obj: 8/10 10 min 0/10 easy Scans models, not room