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A location marker (such as an AprilTag, a lightAnchor, or an UWB tag), used to anchor scenes, or scene objects, in the real world.

ARMarker Attributes

Attribute Type Default Description Required
publish boolean False Publish detections. Send detections to external agents (e.g. external builder script that places new markers in the scene). If dynamic=true and publish=true, object position is not updated (left up to external agent). No
buildable boolean False Whether tag has ‘dynamic’ toggled on click. Used to position a tag, then lock into position. Yes
dynamic boolean False Dynamic tag, not used for localization. E.g., to move object to which this ARMarker component is attached to. Requires permissions to update the scene (if dynamic=true). Yes
ele number 0 Tag elevation in meters. No
lat number 0 Tag latitude. No
long number 0 Tag longitude. No
markerid string '0' The marker id (e.g. for AprilTag 36h11 family, an integer in the range [0, 586]). Yes
markertype string; One of: ['apriltag_36h11', 'lightanchor', 'uwb', 'vive', 'optitrack'] 'apriltag_36h11' The marker type, technology-based. Yes
size number 150 Tag size in millimeters. Yes
url string '' URL associated with the tag. No