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Generate an event message for an object.

All wire objects have a set of basic attributes {object_id, action, type, persist, data}. The data attribute defines the object-specific attributes

Event Attributes

Attribute Type Default Description Required
object_id string   A uuid or otherwise unique identifier for this object. Yes
persist boolean False Persist this object in the database. No
type string; One of: ['mousedown', 'mouseup', 'mouseenter', 'mouseleave', 'triggerdown', 'triggerup', 'gripdown', 'gripup', 'menudown', 'menuup', 'systemdown', 'systemup', 'trackpaddown', 'trackpadup', 'soundplay', 'soundpause', 'soundstop']   One of the client event action types like ‘mousedown’. Yes
action string; Must be: clientEvent 'clientEvent' Message action client event. Yes
data Event data   Event Data Yes

Event Data Attributes

Attribute Type Default Description Required
source string   The object_id of event origination. e.g camera or client program connection id. Yes
position vector3   The event destination position in 3D. Yes
clickPos vector3 {'x': 0, 'y': 1.6, 'z': 0} The event origination position in 3D. No