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Material extras

Define extra material properties, namely texture encoding, whether to render the material’s color and render order. The properties set here access directly Three.js material component.

More properties at

Material extras Attributes

Attribute Type Default Description Required
encoding string; One of: ['LinearEncoding', 'sRGBEncoding', 'GammaEncoding', 'RGBEEncoding', 'LogLuvEncoding', 'RGBM7Encoding', 'RGBM16Encoding', 'RGBDEncoding', 'BasicDepthPacking', 'RGBADepthPacking'] sRGBEncoding encoding No
needsUpdate boolean False needsUpdate No
render-order number 1 This value allows the default rendering order of scene graph objects to be overridden. No
colorWrite boolean   Whether to render the material’s color No
transparentOccluder boolean   If true, will set colorWrite=false and renderOrder=0 to make the material a transparent occluder. No
defaultRenderOrder number   Used as the renderOrder when transparentOccluder is reset to false. No