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ARENA Message Objects

Object Message Description
ARENAUI Button Panel ARENAUI Button Panel.
Box Box Geometry.
Circle Circle Geometry.
Capsule Capsule Geometry.
Cone Cone Geometry.
Cube (deprecated; don’t use) Cube (=Box) Geometry (deprecated); Supported for Legacy reasons; Please use Box in new scenes.
Cylinder Cylinder Geometry.
Dodecahedron Dodecahedron Geometry.
Entity (generic object) Entities are the base of all objects in the scene. Entities are containers into which components can be attached.
GLTF Model Load a GLTF model.
3D Gaussian Splat Load 3D Gaussian Splat.
Image Display an image on a plane.
Icosahedron Icosahedron Geometry.
Light A light.
Line Draw a line.
Ocean Draw a wave-form plane.
Octahedron Octahedron Geometry.
PCD Model Load a PCD model.
Plane Plane Geometry.
Program ARENA program data.
Ring Ring Geometry.
Rounded Box Rounded Box Geometry.
Scene Options ARENA scene options.
Sphere Sphere Geometry.
Tetrahedron Tetrahedron Geometry.
Text Display text.
Thickline Draw a line that can have a custom width.
Three.js Scene Load a Three.js Scene (might be THREE.js version-specific; you can see THREE.js version in the JS console once you open ARENA; using glTF is preferred).
Torus Torus Geometry.
Torus Knot Torus Knot Geometry.
Triangle Triangle Geometry.
URDF Model Load a URFD model.
Videosphere Videosphere 360 Video.
Camera Camera is the pose and arena-user component data representing a user avatar.
Camera Override Camera Override is used to re-position and re-pose a client’s camera.
Event Events are ephemeral messages used to send user events like mouse movements or controller actions.
Hand Left Hand Left is the left hand metadata pose and controller type of the user avatar.
Hand Right Hand Right is the right hand metadata pose and controller type of the user avatar.