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Environment Presets

A-Frame Environment presets.

More properties at A-Frame Environment Component.

Environment Presets Attributes

Attribute Type Default Description Required
active boolean True Shows or hides the environment presets component. Use this instead of using the visible attribute. Yes
dressing string; One of: ['apparatus', 'arches', 'cubes', 'cylinders', 'hexagons', 'mushrooms', 'none', 'pyramids', 'stones', 'torii', 'towers', 'trees'] 'none' Dressing is the term we use here for the set of additional objects that are put on the ground for decoration. No
dressingAmount integer 10 Number of objects used for dressing. No
dressingColor string '#795449' Base color of dressing objects. No
dressingOnPlayArea number 0 Amount of dressing on play area. No
dressingScale number 5 Height (in meters) of dressing objects. No
dressingUniformScale boolean True If false, a different value is used for each coordinate x, y, z in the random variance of size. No
dressingVariance vector3 {'x': 1, 'y': 1, 'z': 1} Maximum x,y,z meters to randomize the size and rotation of each dressing object. Use 0 0 0 for no variation in size nor rotation. No
flatShading boolean False Whether to show everything smoothed (false) or polygonal (true). No
fog number 0 Amount of fog (0 = none, 1 = full fog). The color is estimated automatically. No
grid string; One of: ['1x1', '2x2', 'crosses', 'dots', 'none', 'xlines', 'ylines'] 'none' 1x1 and 2x2 are rectangular grids of 1 and 2 meters side, respectively. No
gridColor string '#ccc' Color of the grid. No
ground string; One of: ['canyon', 'flat', 'hills', 'noise', 'none', 'spikes'] 'hills' Orography style. No
groundColor string '#553e35' Main color of the ground. No
groundColor2 string '#694439' Secondary color of the ground. Used for textures, ignored if groundTexture is none. No
groundScale vector3 {'x': 1, 'y': 1, 'z': 1} Ground dimensions (in meters). No
groundTexture string; One of: ['checkerboard', 'none', 'squares', 'walkernoise'] 'none' Texture applied to the ground. No
groundYScale number 3 Maximum height (in meters) of ground’s features (hills, mountains, peaks..). No
hideInAR boolean True If true, hide the environment when entering AR. No
horizonColor string '#ffa500' Horizon Color No
lighting string; One of: ['distant', 'none', 'point'] 'distant' A hemisphere light and a key light (directional or point) are added to the scene automatically when using the component. Use none if you don’t want this automatic lighting set being added. The color and intensity are estimated automatically. No
lightPosition vector3 {'x': 0, 'y': 1, 'z': -0.2} Position of the main light. If skyType is atmospheric, only the orientation matters (is a directional light) and it can turn the scene into night when lowered towards the horizon. No
playArea number 1 Radius of the area in the center reserved for the player and the gameplay. The ground is flat in there and no objects are placed inside. No
preset string; One of: ['arches', 'checkerboard', 'contact', 'default', 'dream', 'egypt', 'forest', 'goaland', 'goldmine', 'japan', 'none', 'osiris', 'poison', 'starry', 'threetowers', 'tron', 'volcano', 'yavapai'] 'default' An A-frame preset environment. Yes
seed integer 1 Seed for randomization. If you don’t like the layout of the elements, try another value for the seed. No
shadow boolean False Shadows on/off. Sky light casts shadows on the ground of all those objects with shadow component applied. No
shadowSize number 10 Size of the shadow, if applied. No
skyColor string '#ffa500' Sky Color No
skyType string; One of: ['atmosphere', 'color', 'gradient', 'none'] 'color' A sky type. No