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Scene Config

Scene Config

All wire objects have a set of basic attributes {object_id, action, type, persist, data}. The data attribute defines the object-specific attributes

Scene Config Attributes

Attribute Type Default Description Required
object_id string 'scene-options' A uuid or otherwise unique identifier for this object. Yes
persist boolean True Persist this object in the database. Yes
type string; Must be: scene-options 'scene-options' ARENA scene options Yes
action string; One of: ['create', 'delete', 'update'] 'create' Message action create, update, delete. Yes
data Scene Config data   Scene Config Data Yes

Scene Config Data Attributes

Attribute Type Default Description Required
env-presets env-presets   A-Frame Environment presets. Yes
renderer-settings renderer-settings   These settings are fed into three.js WebGLRenderer properties. No
scene-options scene-options   ARENA Scene Options. Yes
post-processing post-processing   These effects are enabled in desktop and XR views. No