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ARENA Source and Links


Our demonstration sample server runs at

ARENA Sources

The ARENA project creates and makes use of several open source projects. This is a short list of the major projects in use, with ARENA projects in bold.

Repository Project Purpose
aframevr/aframe Web 3D Renderer
arenaxr/apriltag-gen AprilTag 36h11 Generator
arenaxr/apriltag-js-standalone AprilTag WASM Detector
arenaxr/arena-account Authentication Backend
arenaxr/arena-docs Documentation
arenaxr/arena-persist Persistence Database
arenaxr/arena-py Python Library
arenaxr/arena-renderfusion Remote Renderer
arenaxr/arena-schemas Wire Schema Generator
arenaxr/arena-services-docker Deployment Docker
arenaxr/arena-unity Unity Library
arenaxr/arena-web-core Web Browser Client
arenaxr/ATLAS Geolocation Database
conix-center/AR.js AprilTag Decoding for AR.js
conix-center/posefusion Pose Capture
filebrowser/filebrowser File Store Backend
jitsi/jitsi-meet Video Conferencing
SilverLineFramework/mosquitto-broker Mosquitto Broker
SilverLineFramework/orchestrator Runtime Orchestrator