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arena-py API v0.10.0


GltfModel object class to manage its properties in the ARENA: Load a GLTF model. Besides applying standard rotation and position attributes to the center-point of the GLTF model, the individual child components can also be manually manipulated. See format details in the modelUpdate data attribute. See guidance to store paths under ARENA File Store, CDN, or DropBox.

  • str url: Use File Store paths under 'store/users/username', see CDN and other storage options in the description above. (optional)
GltfModel(url='', **kwargs)
object_type = 'gltf-model'
def update_morph(self, morph):
def remove_morph(self, morph):
def clear_morphs(self):
def json_preprocess(self, **kwargs):
def json_postprocess(self, json_payload, json_data):
class GLTF(GltfModel):

Another name for GltfModel.

class Model(GltfModel):

Another name for GltfModel.