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Rendering Support

The ARENA MQTT and Persistance system of communication and storage support the following entities and components for rendering and interaction. Version support for the arena-web-core repository for Web browsers and the arena-unity repository for Unity builds are detailed here.

ARENA Entity Web Unity Description
box 1.0.0 0.0.1 Box geometry
capsule 1.11.0 0.0.12 Capsule geometry
circle 1.0.0 0.0.11 Circle geometry
cone 1.0.0 0.0.11 Cone geometry
cylinder 1.0.0 0.0.1 Cylinder geometry
dodecahedron 1.0.0 0.0.12 Dodecahedron geometry
entity 1.0.0 0.0.1 Entities are the base of all objects in the scene.
gltf-model 1.0.0 0.0.2 Load a GLTF model
icosahedron 1.0.0 0.0.11 Icosahedron geometry
image 1.0.0 0.0.7 Display an image on a plane
light 1.0.0 0.0.5 A light
line 1.0.0 0.9.0 Draw a line
octahedron 1.0.0 0.0.11 Octahedron geometry
pcd-model 1.0.0 - Load a PCD model
plane 1.0.0 0.0.1 Plane geometry
prism 1.0.0 - Prism geometry
program N/A N/A ARENA program data
ring 1.0.0 0.0.11 Ring geometry
roundedbox 1.14.0 - Rounded Box geometry
scene-options 1.0.0 - ARENA scene options
sphere 1.0.0 0.0.1 Sphere geometry
tetrahedron 1.0.0 0.0.12 Tetrahedron geometry
text 1.0.0 0.3.0 Display text
thickline 1.0.0 0.4.0 Draw a line that can have a custom width
threejs-scene 1.0.0 - Load a three.js Scene
torus 1.0.0 0.0.11 Torus geometry
torusKnot 1.0.0 - Torus Knot geometry
triangle 1.0.0 0.0.12 Triangle geometry
videosphere 1.10.0 N/A Videosphere 360 video
ARENA Component Web Unity Description
animation-mixer 1.0.0 0.7.0 A list of available animations in model file will play by default.
animation 1.0.0 - Animate and tween values.
arena-camera 1.0.0 0.2.0 Tracking camera movement in real time. Emits camera pose change and VIO change events.
arena-user 1.0.0 0.3.0 Another user’s camera in the ARENA. Handles Jitsi and display name updates.
arena-vive 1.0.0 - Tracking Vive controller movement in real time.
armarker-system 1.0.0 - ARMarker System. Supports ARMarkers in a scene.
armarker 1.0.0 - A location marker used to anchor scenes, or scene objects, in the real world.
attribution-system 1.0.0 - Attribution Component/System. Add attribution message to any entity.
attribution 1.0.0 - Attribution Component. Saves attribution data in any entity.
buffer 1.0.0 N/A Transform geometry into a BufferGeometry to reduce memory usage at the cost of being harder to manipulate.
click-listener 1.0.0 0.8.0 Keep track of mouse events and publish corresponding events
collision-listener 1.0.0 - Listen for collisions, callback on event.
dynamic-body 1.0.0 - Physics type attached to the object.
gesture-detector 1.0.0 - Detect multi-finger touch gestures. Publish events accordingly.
gltf-model-lod 1.0.0 - GLTF lod switching between models based on distance.
gltf-model-progress 1.0.0 0.0.5 GLTF model loading progress system. Manage GLTF load messages.
goto-landmark 1.0.0 - Teleports user to the landmark with the given name; Requires click-listener
goto-url 1.0.0 - Goto given URL; Requires click-listener
hide-in-ar-mode 1.0.0 - Hide in AR component. When set to an entity, it will make the entity disappear when entering AR mode.
hide-on-enter-ar 1.0.0 - Hide object when entering AR. Remove component to not hide
hide-on-enter-vr 1.8.0 - Hide object when entering VR. Remove component to not hide
impulse 1.0.0 - The force applied using physics. Requires click-listener
jitsi-video 1.0.0 N/A Apply a Jitsi video source to the geometry
landmark 1.0.0 - Define entities as a landmark; Landmarks appears in the landmark list and you can move (teleport) to them.
load-scene 1.0.0 0.0.1 Load scene from persistence.
material-extras 1.0.0 - Define extra material properties, namely texture encoding, whether to render the material’s color and render order.
material 1.0.0 0.0.10 The material properties of the object’s surface.
multisrc 1.0.0 - Define multiple visual sources applied to an object.
network-latency 1.0.0 - Publish with qos of 2 for network graph to update latency
parent 1.0.0 0.0.7 Parent’s object_id. Child objects inherit attributes of their parent, for example scale and translation.
particle-system 1.18.0 - Particle system component for A-Frame (rain, snow, dust).
position 1.0.0 0.0.1 3D object position
press-and-move 1.0.0 - Press and move camera; User camera movement with the mouse
rotation 1.0.0 0.0.1 3D object rotation in quaternion representation; Right-handed coordinate system.
scale 1.0.0 0.0.1 3D object scale
screenshareable 1.0.0 N/A Screenshare-able Component. Allows an object to be screenshared upon
shadow 1.0.0 0.0.10 Whether the entity cast/receives shadows onto the surrounding scene.
skipCache 1.0.0 - Disable retrieving the shared geometry object from the cache.
sound 1.0.0 - The sound component defines the entity as a source of sound or audio.
spe-particles 1.18.0 - GPU based particle systems in A-Frame: supports single textures and spritesheets.
textinput 1.0.0 - Opens an HTML prompt when clicked. Sends text input as an event on MQTT. Requires click-listener.
threejs-scene 1.0.0 - Load a THREE.js scene.
ttl 1.0.0 0.4.0 Time To Live (TTL) component.
url 1.0.0 0.0.2 Model URL.
video-control 1.0.0 - Adds a video to an entity and controls its playback.