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ARENA Unity Objects

This library provides you some options to manage CRUD operations on ARENA Persist objects during Runtime(Play). Each operation will publish the appropriate ARENA message for the persistence database and other client subscribers to the scene.


  • Create any Unity GameObject and drag it as a parent of the ARENA CLient Runtime in the Hierarchy.
  • Create any ARENA GameObject using the menu GameObject > ARENA > [object_type].
  • Name conflicts or non-ARENA-safe characters will be altered automatically.


  • Scene view: Change the Transform using the TRS graphic manipulation tools.
  • Inspector Transform: Change the Transform by editing it’s values manually.
  • Inspector ArenaObject: Use Publish Unity Data to publish non-Transform changes like Color or Transparency.
  • Inspector ArenaObject: Edit Json Data and use Publish json Data to manually publish.


  • Change the name of any ARENA object to publish the appropriate create and delete messages:
    • Hierarchy list item for an ArenaObject.
    • Inspector view for an ArenaObject.
    • App menu Edit > Rename.
    • Context menu Rename.


  • Select one or many ARENA objects:
    • Keystroke delete.
    • App menu Edit > Delete.
    • Context menu Delete.
  • Edit > Undo Create just after creating an object also works to delete.
  • Every delete command on ARENA objects that you initiate will ask you to confirm first.