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Display text.

More properties at A-Frame Text.

All wire objects have a set of basic attributes {object_id, action, type, persist, data}. The data attribute defines the object-specific attributes

Text Attributes

Attribute Type Default Description Required
object_id string   A uuid or otherwise unique identifier for this object. Yes
persist boolean True Persist this object in the database. Yes
type string; Must be: object 'object' AFrame 3D Object Yes
action string; One of: ['create', 'delete', 'update'] 'create' Message action create, update, delete. Yes
ttl integer   When applied to an entity, the entity will remove itself from DOM after the specified number of seconds. Update is allowed, which will reset the timer to start from that moment. No
data Text data   Text Data Yes

Text Data Attributes

Attribute Type Default Description Required
object_type string; Must be: text text 3D object type. Yes
align string; One of: ['left', 'center', 'right'] 'left' Multi-line text alignment. No
alphaTest number 0.5 Discard text pixels if alpha is less than this value. No
anchor string; One of: ['left', 'right', 'center', 'align'] 'center' Horizontal positioning. No
baseline string; One of: ['top', 'center', 'bottom'] 'center' Vertical positioning. No
color string '#000000' Text color. Yes
font string; One of: ['aileronsemibold', 'dejavu', 'exo2bold', 'exo2semibold', 'kelsonsans', 'monoid', 'mozillavr', 'roboto', 'sourcecodepro'] 'roboto' Font to render text, either the name of one of A-Frame’s stock fonts or a URL to a font file. Yes
fontImage string   Font image texture path to render text. Defaults to the font’s name with extension replaced to .png. Don’t need to specify if using a stock font. (derived from font name). No
height number   Height of text block. (derived from text size). No
letterSpacing number 0 Letter spacing in pixels. No
lineHeight number   Line height in pixels. (derived from font file). No
opacity number 1 Opacity, on a scale from 0 to 1, where 0 means fully transparent and 1 means fully opaque. No
shader string; One of: ['portal', 'flat', 'standard', 'sdf', 'msdf', 'ios10hls', 'skyshader', 'gradientshader'] 'sdf' Shader used to render text. No
side string; One of: ['front', 'back', 'double'] 'double' Side to render. Yes
tabSize number 4 Tab size in spaces. No
transparent boolean True Whether text is transparent. No
value string   The actual content of the text. Line breaks and tabs are supported with \n and \t. Yes
whiteSpace string; One of: ['normal', 'pre', 'nowrap'] 'normal' How whitespace should be handled. No
width number 5 Width in meters. (derived from geometry if exists). No
wrapCount number 40 Number of characters before wrapping text (more or less). No
wrapPixels number   Number of pixels before wrapping text. (derived from wrapCount). No
xOffset number 0 X-offset to apply to add padding. No
zOffset number 0.001 Z-offset to apply to avoid Z-fighting if using with a geometry as a background. No
parent string   Parent’s object_id. Child objects inherit attributes of their parent, for example scale and translation. No
position position   3D object position. Yes
rotation rotation   3D object rotation in quaternion representation; Right-handed coordinate system. Euler degrees are deprecated in wire message format. Yes
scale scale   3D object scale. No
visible boolean True Whether object is visible. Property is inherited. No