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arena-py API v0.10.0


Program object in an ARENA Scene.

  • str name: Name of the program
  • str affinity: Indicates the module affinity (client=client's runtime; none or empty=any suitable/available runtime)
  • str instantiate: Single instance of the program (=single), or let every client create a program instance (=client). Per client instance will create new uuid for each program.
  • str filename: Filename of the entry binary
  • str filetype: Type of the program (WA=WASM or PY=Python)
  • str parent: Request to deploy to this runtime (can be a runtime name or UUID); usually left blank.
  • str[] args: Command-line arguments (passed in argv); e.g. [ "arg=value" ].
  • str[] env: Environment variables; e.g. [ "SCENE=ascene" ].
Program( object_id='a50df6d6-5734-4399-a12c-804412d45340', persist=False, objects_list_add=True, **kwargs)
type = 'program'
object_type = 'program'
def update_attributes(self, evt_handler=None, update_handler=None, **kwargs):
def json(self, **kwargs):