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Program Data

Object data payload; Program config data.

Program Data Attributes

Attribute Type Default Description Required
name string   Name of the program in the format namespace/program-name. Yes
affinity string; One of: ['client', 'none'] 'client' Indicates the module affinity (client=client’s runtime; none or empty=any suitable/available runtime). No
instantiate string; One of: ['single', 'client'] 'client' Single instance of the program (=single), or let every client create a program instance (=client). Per client instance will create new uuid for each program. Yes
filename string   Filename of the entry binary. Yes
filetype string; One of: ['WA', 'PY'] 'WA' Type of the program (WA=WASM or PY=Python). Yes
parent string 'pytest' Request the orchestrator to deploy to this runtime (can be a runtime name or UUID); usually left blank. Yes
args array   Command-line arguments (passed in argv). Supports variables: ${scene}, ${mqtth}, ${cameraid}, ${username}, ${runtimeid}, ${moduleid}, ${query-string-key}. No
env array ['MID=${moduleid}', 'SCENE=${scene}', 'NAMESPACE=${namespace}', 'MQTTH=${mqtth}', 'REALM=realm'] Environment variables. Supports variables: ${scene}, ${namespace}, ${mqtth}, ${cameraid}, ${username}, ${runtimeid}, ${moduleid}, ${query-string-key}. Yes
channels array [{'path': '/ch/${scene}', 'type': 'pubsub', 'mode': 'rw', 'params': {'topic': 'realm/s/${scene}'}}] Channels describe files representing access to IO from pubsub and client sockets (possibly more in the future; currently only supported for WASM programs). No
run_info object   Program execution info, added at runtime. No