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Scanning a Large Space with Matterport

For higher fidelity models, we use the Leica BLK360, a terrestrial laser scanner (TLS) with registered 360 color images. Using the BLK360, along with 3D reconstruction software (e.g. Leica’s Cyclone FIELD 360, or Matterport), we create 3D models of physical spaces that can easily be imported into ARENA.

  1. We place the laser scanner at different spots around the venue that are merged to create the final model.
  2. Each scan can take 30 seconds, or up to 2 minutes, depending on the resolution of the scan (we often use the fastest setting).
  3. The scan density might vary significantly from space to space, where large open spaces can be captured with few scans, and more complex areas require more scans due to occlusion.
  4. Convert the model to GLTF. This can be done using some of the paid software above, or you can use an .obj model file convert that to GLTF using Blender.
  5. Before loading the model into ARENA, manual adjustments to simplify the model can be made using, e.g., Blender.
  6. Using Blender, you may want to lower the polygon count, or otherwise reduce the model size to increase the speed it can be loaded into a browser through the ARENA.