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Collaborative Mixed Reality Applications

ARENA: a multi-user and multi-application environment to simplify the development of mixed reality applications.

The Augmented Reality Edge Network Architecture (ARENA) is a platform designed to simplify programming where there is a mix of virtual and physical systems, with locality and pervasive sensing as first-class citizens. ARENA makes it easy to create and host multiple applications that interact with users and other agents in an immersive 3D environment created inside a browser.

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Industrial digital twins Wide-area tracking and localization
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VR telepresence Outside-in tracking

Key Features

ARENA simplifies a number of common development tasks for multi-user cross-platform mixed reality programming as follows.


Seamless support for a spectrum of experiences, from completely immersing the user in a digital world (Virtual Reality; VR) to enhancing the real world with interactive digital content (Augmented Reality; AR). A spectrum currently identified as miXed Reality (XR).


3D applications that users can interact with from a number of platforms including tablets, phones, headsets and desktop browsers.

Multiuser Experience

Users in the physical space can see the same 3D content anchored to the physical world in AR, and properties of all objects (and state of users) are networked to provide a consistent real-time view from any device or platform.

Create and Host Applications

Runtime environment that can host any number of user programs on any network connected device.


Fine-grained access control allowing users to share and manage control over content, with user applications hosted by a sandboxed environment.

Accurate relocalization

Built-in support for a number of different types of systems (such as UWB, OptiTrack, AprilTags).

Geographic content lookup

Perform geographic queries for content, assets (such as location markers) and compute resources.

Next Steps

Get started by following our ARENA Overview to learn the main concepts.

ARENA Overview

Then, you can learn the basics of the interface and enter an ARENA scene. Also learn about building scenes, and how to develop python programs to define the behavior of your scenes. You can also see a more detailed description of the ARENA architecture.

First Time in the ARENA

Build a Scene

Develop Python Programs

ARENA Architecture

The navigation bar on the left side will take you to much more content about the ARENA, which you can browse.

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