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arena-py API v0.10.0


Thickline object class to manage its properties in the ARENA: Draw a line that can have a custom width.

  • str color: Line color. Defaults to '#000000' (optional)
  • float lineWidth: Width of line in px. Defaults to '1' (optional)
  • str lineWidthStyler: Allows defining the line width as a function of relative position p along the path of the line. By default it is set to a constant 1. You may also choose one of the preset functions. Allows [default, grow, shrink, center-sharp, center-smooth, sine-wave] Defaults to 'default' (optional)
  • str path: Comma-separated list of x y z coordinates of the line vertices. Defaults to '-2 -1 0, 0 20 0, 10 -1 10' (optional)
Thickline(path=None, lineWidth=1, **kwargs)
object_type = 'thickline'
class ThickLine(Thickline):

Alternate name for Thickline.