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arena-py API v0.10.0


class ArenauiPrompt(arena.objects.arena_object.Object):

ArenauiPrompt object class to manage its properties in the ARENA: ARENAUI element which displays prompt with button actions.

  • list[str] buttons: Buttons Defaults to '['Confirm', 'Cancel']' (optional)
  • str description: Description Defaults to 'This is a prompt. Please confirm or cancel.' (optional)
  • str font: Font to use for button text. Allows [Roboto, Roboto-Mono] Defaults to 'Roboto' (optional)
  • str materialSides: Which sides display the rendered UI material Allows [both, front] Defaults to 'both' (optional)
  • str theme: Color Theme Allows [light, dark] Defaults to 'light' (optional)
  • str title: Title Defaults to 'Prompt' (optional)
  • float width: Override width Defaults to '1.5' (optional)
object_type = 'arenaui-prompt'
class Prompt(ArenauiPrompt):

Alternate name for ArenauiPrompt.