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arena-py API v0.10.0


Attribution attribute class to manage its properties in the ARENA: Attribution Component. Saves attribution data in any entity. Usage: attribution=Attribution(...)

  • str author: Author name; e.g. 'Vaptor-Studio'. Defaults to 'Unknown' (optional)
  • str authorURL: Author homepage/profile; e.g. https: // (optional)
  • bool extractAssetExtras: Extract attribution info from asset extras; will override attribution info given (default: true). Defaults to 'True' (optional)
  • str license: License summary/short name; e.g. 'CC-BY-4.0'. Defaults to 'Unknown' (optional)
  • str licenseURL: License URL; e.g. http: // (optional)
  • str source: Model source e.g. 'Sketchfab'. Defaults to 'Unknown' (optional)
  • str sourceURL: Model source URL; e.g. https: // (optional)
  • str title: Model title; e.g. 'Spinosaurus'. Defaults to 'No Title' (optional)