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Python Console Interface

There is a console interface to the arena-py library. This is designed to have a way to inspect the program from the console, without having to send a heartbeat or write your own command/response interface.

Enable it with the environment variable:


A session looks like this (look for lines starting with #):

Using Scene from 'scene' input parameter: example
Using Host from 'host' input parameter:
Using local MQTT token.
ARENA Token Username: cli
ARENA Token valid for: 183 days, 23:25:18.051479h
Fetching ARENA configuration...
Loading:, realm=realm
Connecting to the ARENA... Connected!
Type help or ? to list available commands.

# help

Documented commands (type help <topic>):
exit  get  help  quit  show

# show
Display scene attributes: ['config_data', 'scene', 'users', 'auth', 'all_objects', 'msg_io']
# show config_data
    "ARENADefaults": {
        "ATLASurl": "//",
        "camHeight": 1.6,
        "camUpdateIntervalMs": 100,
        "graphTopic": "$NETWORK",
        "headModelPath": "/media/models/avatars/robobit.glb",
        "jitsiHost": "",
        "latencyTopic": "$NETWORK/latency",
        "mqttHost": "",
        "mqttPath": [
        "namespace": "public",
        "persistHost": "",
        "persistPath": "/persist/",
        "realm": "realm",
        "sceneName": "lobby",
        "startCoords": {
            "x": 0,
            "y": 0,
            "z": 0
        "userName": "Anonymous",
        "vioTopic": "/topic/vio/"
# exit
This will terminate the ARENA program. Are you sure [Y/N]? y

You can also interact with it from /programs: