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Physics Dynamic Body

A freely-moving object. Dynamic bodies have mass, collide with other objects, bounce or slow during collisions, and fall if gravity is enabled.

More properties at A-Frame Physics System.

Physics Dynamic Body Attributes

Attribute Type Default Description Required
mass number 5 Simulated mass of the object, > 0. No
linearDamping number 0.01 Resistance to movement. No
angularDamping number 0.01 Resistance to rotation. No
shape string; One of: ['auto', 'box', 'cylinder', 'sphere', 'hull', 'none'] 'auto' Body components will attempt to find an appropriate CANNON.js shape to fit your model. When defining an object you may choose a shape or leave the default, auto. Select a shape carefully, as there are performance implications with different choices. No
cylinderAxis string; One of: ['x', 'y', 'z'] 'y' Override default axis of bounding cylinder. Requires shape:cylinder. No
sphereRadius number   Override default radius of bounding sphere. Requires shape:sphere. NaN by default. No
type string; One of: ['dynamic', 'static'] 'dynamic' Define the result of collisions. Dynamic can be moved, Static cannot be moved. No