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Scene Edit/Program Launch Example

Quick Reference

Step by Step Example

How to launch a program (e.g. boxes/ in a file store.

1. Edit Scene:

2. Make sure the ARENA and MQTT host are and

(the message indicates it successfully queried the persist db)

3. Enter a name for your new scene (e.g. pytest)

4. Add a program. By selecting type “program” in the Add/Edit Object select:

5. Edit the program attributes. Make sure to assign a unique object ID (use ), and:

  • action is “create”,
  • type is “program” and
  • name is in the form **/** (e.g. **wiselab/boxes** for a program under folder **boxes** of the home folder for user **wiselab** in the ARENA store)
  • instantiate indicates if a program instance is started for each viewer (browser) or single instance per scene
  • filename is the program entry file (e.g.
  • filetype is either Python or wasm, depending on your program
  • Add environment variables and arguments as needed by the program (for example, the program might read environment variable SCENE to know its scene, then add an environment variable: SCENE=${scene}, where ${scene} will be replaced by the scene name)

6. Finalize by pressing the button. You should see the new program object in the scene object list:

7. Goto to the folder of the program in the file store and add your files there. These can be wasm programs or Python programs that use the library. See an example in wiselab/boxes.

8. Open the Scene using at the top of the build page (the link should be something like[your username]/[scene-name])

9. See ARTS GUI: